How to add a video post

Adding a new video post using the Invideo WordPress theme is quite easy. To do that you need to log in to your WP Dashboard and on the left side (if you are not using some admin new theme) you will find the Videos tab. When you hover it you should find the link to add a new one.

Once you click on that a new WP post is created, but we still need to add the information in there. Please add the title, content (if you have any) and then scroll down to the Insert Video meta box. At the bottom of the meta box you should be able to find the video data.

Depending on the video source you might want to use different options. If you have a video that you want to embed from YouTube – simply paste the video URL in the box there and it will automatically embed it in the right place.

Once all the data is inserted, make sure you have a thumbnail (featured image) set and then click the publish button and voila – your video post is now live!

Below is a short video on how this actually looks like, just to make sure everything is clear: