How to create front-end submission and login pages

If you have one of the latest photography themes, you have the option to create a client area where your clients can login and select their photos. To create that login area, you simply need to follow the steps below:

  1. Create a new page
  2. Name it whatever you want, User Login is our case.
  3. Go to the page settings and select the User Login template
  1. So, this will be the login page.
  2. Publish the page and then start again.
  3. We need to create another page for the profile. Repeat the steps above: create a new page, select the User Profile template for it and save it. Make sure you name the page Profile.
  4. You now simply need to create your menu item or link for the login page. Go to the Appearance->Menus and add the “User Login” page in menu wherever or wherever you need it or you can simply use the User Element builder element.
  5. Same thing if you need the front-end submission, only the Add new video page.
  6. Yeay, we’re ready to go.