Tilter Block

A tilter block is used create a parallax hover tilt effect for the element which are added inside it. Yes, you read this right – the idea behind this element is to create a Tilt Container in which you can add the element which then have the tilt hover effect.

After adding the element in your editor you will have the following options available for this element:

  1. Max Tilt
  2. Perspective
  3. Speed
  4. Scale
  5. Disable Axis
  6. Reset on hover out

Max tilt option is the amount of tilt you want to use for your element. We recommend using somewhere between 20-60 depending on your element size.

Perspective is used for transform perspective, the lower the more extreme the tilt gets.

Speed – you can manage the speed of the enter/exit transition.

Scale – If you want your tilter element to also scale when you hover it you can set a maximum amount of tilt. 1 = 100% (normal), 1.3 = 130% (scaled by 30%)

Disable Axis – you can actually disable the tilt on a specific axis. Use x or y if you want to do that, leave empty if you don’t want that.

Reset on hover out – If you want the tilter element to come to the original position on hover out or not.

Below you can see a Tilter element in action with a video element inside it. Check it out!

Example below: